The Force is Strong with these Shoes

Sometimes the dark side can be kind of fun and with great shoes you are sure to have a good time! Ever since the movie was released earlier this year, Star Wars memorabilia as well as new fashion wear for the family has come about.
Here at Rogan’s Shoes we carry awesome shoes for boys who love the film. You can pick either a Jedi, Yoda or even Darth Vader to represent on your feet…how cool is that!?
Get your little Star Wars fanatics some new shoes for this spring that they will absolutely love! Below are some of the styles available.
1. Croc Star Wars Darth Vader Sandals- The only thing better than a light up Croc is one with Darth Vader on the front. Extremely cushioning material will help keep your child’s feet comfortable throughout a long day of adventuring. What a great shoe to get for the beginning of summer!
2. Stride Rite Jedi Lightsaber Running Shoe- These shoes are no hassle with the hook-and-loop strap so you don’t have to waste time with laces. You can’t defeat the Sith if your laces keep coming untied! Check out these bright colors along with the breathablility that will help your Jedi defeat the dark side.


3. Skechers Tossers Padawan Skate-Last but not least, why not have some skater shoes with the Star Wars logo on it? These shoes take style to another level. Help your young Padawan become a Jedi with retro skate sneakers that have a Memory Foam sole. What a perfect way to display style along with what side you have chose. Of life your shoe choice reflects your way, young padawan…according to Yoda.

We have more options for shoes at our website to help your child be prepared for whatever side they choose! If you have any questions or comments feel free to share them with us!