Summer Vacation Footwear “Must-Haves!”

Picture this. You get to your perfect resort, with the perfect customer service, an absolutely perfect room and a perfect pool with an even more perfect view of the ocean and you look down and *GASP* your shoes missed the memo! Everything about your vacation is perfect except your shoes are holding you back.
Don’t let this wardrobe malfunction ruin your summer vacation!
Whether you need the right shoe for long walks on the beach or a casual shoe for your kids or a pair to wear for a night out with your man… we have the shoes for every occasion!
Here are six shoes that we think will be the perfect additions on your long awaited summer vacation!
  1. Skechers Synergy Sport Running Shoe (Women’s)- Isn’t it just the worst when you’re constantly taking your shoes on and off and you have to worry about untying them or you keep stepping on the back heel? Well these shoes solve all your problems. With the easy slip on convenience of this shoe, you won’t have to bother with laces or a high back that will get in your way. Skechers uses memory foam to provide the extra comfort you need, especially if you’re touring new cities or visiting amusement parks! You will definitely not want to forget these when packing up your suitcase!!
Skechers Synergy Sports Running ShoeSkechers Synergy Sports Running ShoeSkechers Synergy Sports Running Shoe
   2.  Asics-Gel Nimbus 18 Running Shoe (Men’s)- You’ve been working out, and might we add very hard, for your beach bod (which looks great, by the way!) so you don’t just want to stop all your hard work once you actually make it to the beach! With these running shoes, you will have comfort and style, as well as durability throughout many elements. Your feet will stay cool and be able to breathe even in the warmest of temperatures! Added plus is you can use them for running even when you’re not on vacation!

Asics-Gel Nimbus 18 Running ShoeAsics-Gel Nimbus 18 Running ShoeAsics-Gel Nimbus 18 Running Shoe

   3. BareTraps Maleah Sandal (Women’s)- You can’t go on vacation and NOT go out to a fancy dinner at least once! These strappy sandals are the trend of the summer. The thick platform helps to keep your feet feeling good even after a long day of walking. One positive is that they are a very neutral color so you can get creative with which outfit you pair them with! Make a statement and always remember your gladiator sandals!

BareTraps Maleah SandalBareTraps Maleah SandalBareTraps Maleah Sandal

  4.  Rockport 1/4 Strap Sandal (Men’s)-These lightweight shoes are a staple for any vacation. Easy to slide on when heading to the beach or pool and comfortable the whole day long.  The sole of the shoe is memory foam, which creates the perfect relaxing shoe for a relaxing vacation. Don’t forget to throw these on before you board the plane to the most memorable vacation of your life!

Rockport 1/4 Strap SandalRockport 1/4 Strap SandalRockport 1/4 Strap Sandal
5. And Don’t Forget Shoes for Your Little Ones!! For your little girl, here is Adidas Flexigirl Sc Plus XJ Sandal. Because this is open toe, it offers maximum breathability when walking along the beach. What a cute shoe and you can pair it with so many outfits! This shoe comes in two colors: black, white and pink or pink and yellow! Find a color that fits your little girl right here! For you little boy, check out these awesome Skechers Relix Outdoor Sandal that are water-resistant! This allows your adventurer to be able to run into the water and he won’t hurt himself if he steps on a seashell! Also great for sliding on and off so you don’t have to waste time with laces!

Adidas Flexigirl Sc Plus XJ SandalAdidas Flexigirl Sc Plus XJ SandalAdidas Flexigirl Sc Plus XJ Sandal

 Skechers Relix Outdoor Sandal  Skechers Relix Outdoor Sandal  Skechers Relix Outdoor Sandal

As always, these are just our choices for great shoes for a summer vacation! If you don’t see a style or color that fits you, check out more at our website! Please, don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or concerns!