Summer 2016 Bucket List


Who’s ready for summer? Here are 25 ideas to keep you and your family busy before school starts again. Grab the kids and be ready to create some memories you will never forget!

1. Spice up the way you watch movies and head to a drive-in movie theater. Pack camping chairs, pillows, and some thin blankets. Bring a cooler with snacks and drinks and pop your own popcorn ahead of time. Don’t forget the bug spray!

2. Mooooooove your way to the zoo and keep a close eye on the kiddos as you get up and close with all the animals.

3. Have fun while planting a garden and also use it as a teaching opportunity. Pick out a few of your favorite vegetables to grow and get to cooking in the kitchen.

4. Get the campfire going and gather up the s'more and pudgy pie ingredients. This is a tasty treat to complete!

5. Strap on your hiking shoes and choose your favorite trail to explore!

6. Spread your wings and spend the day exploring new scenery in some place you have never been before.

7. Get to splishing and splashing at a water park to stay cool. Remember to bring lots of sunscreen and floaties!

8. Create an obstacle course in your backyard with random objects you have laying around the garage. You’ll have to be up for a challenge and a great workout.

9. Check out an amusement park near you and spend your day screaming on roller coasters. Don’t get too dizzy!

10. Throw a theme party! This is a great way to have everybody show their creative side and get the neighborhood talking.

11. Head to a local farm and pick your favorite berry. This is perfect for making delicious summertime jam!

12. Grab the chalk and cover your whole driveway with a sunset skyline or random doodles.

13. Redecorate your room. It’s time to throw away the stuff you’ve had since you were three and give your room a fresh new look.

14. Even if your not into art or history, the museum has so much to offer on a rainy day.

15. Mix all your favorite colors together and show off a new tie-dye shirt, headband, or pillowcase!

16. NO SOCIAL MEDIA FOR ONE WEEK! This may sound impossible, but you’ll be glad you did it and you can reconnect with your real socializing skills.

17. Visiting a local humane society is a great way to spread some love and cheer while playing with some adorable animals.

18. Ahoy! This isn’t just something that can be done in movies. Write a letter and send it in a bottle with your return address and hopefully someone will write you back.

19. Pick a few of your favorite flavors and toppings and send out a guest list; WE’RE HAVING AN ICE CREAM PARTY!

20. Write a letter to your future self. It may seem weird at the time, but seal it up and open 10 years from now. Your future self will appreciate it and it will provide some entertainment. Don’t forget where you place it!

21. Gather some yarn and get to knitting some of your closest buds a friendship bracelet. Maybe you’ll get one in return!

22. Loosen up your muscles and get a professional massage. You deserve it!

23. Go through your closet and donate the clothes you don’t wear anymore to a local thrift shop or consignment store.

24. Hop in the car with a friend and drive for a few hours to see where you end up. A road trip with no destination will clear your mind...and make you a whole lot closer to your friend!

25. Kick back and relax on your rooftop and watch the stars come out as the sun goes down. If you can't get up high, a telescope will do!

We hope you enjoy these activities and we'd love to hear how it goes on our Facebook page. Have a safe and exciting summer and don't be afraid to try new things!