Best Shoes For Warm Weather Travel

Your flight is booked, accommodations are set, and now comes the dreaded part of any travel adventure – packing! We have all been there trying to frantically pack and repack (or shove) everything possible into one suitcase. When it comes to traveling, packing shoes that are practical is key. What might be your favorite pair of shoes at home, might not be the best choice to pack in your luggage. The best shoes are the ones that have the right mix of comfort and good looks. Here are some tips to choosing the best shoes for traveling that will treat your feet well.

Walking Shoes

A comfortable walking shoe is a must-have. It is important that the soles of the feet are protected and sturdy when walking long distances or in rough terrains. For women, the Skechers Go Walk 3 Digitize walking shoe is extremely comfortable and adds an energized look to your style. These shoes are lightweight and have a digital print mesh upper that offers an array of colors to match with your outfits. For men, the New Balance Mw 847 Wt2 walking shoe will take you wherever you go. For a custom-like fit, this shoe features an Ortholite foam in the collar, heel, and tongue. The white neutral color is a good, simple choice to go with any outfit. All in all, it is a great buy because it mixes quality with comfort and durability. Only one pair of walking shoes is needed because you can wear them more than once!


Casual Dress Shoe

In the warm weather you definitely need a pair of sandals that will dress up your outfits. Ladies, the BareTraps Raygan sandal has a braided, strappy upper that gives you a sweet look and the rocker bottom sole provides lightweight comfort and natural movement. The adjustable hook-and-loop closure around the ankle allows for a customized fit in case your feet get swollen from heat or travel. This sandals neutral style allows you to wear it several times and will have you prepared for anywhere the trip may take you. Guys, if you don’t like showing off your feet, the Sanuk Casa Slip On casual shoe is the fit for you! The EVA footbed features antimicrobial properties to keep your fresh and allow you to wear them without socks! This avoids the "dorky socks with sandals tourist look".

Flip Flops

Flip flops are the #1 option for days at the beach or when you need to throw on a pair of shoes to grab a quick bite to eat! Since most flip flops are light you could squeeze a pair or two of these in your suitcase…an athletic pair that is waterproof, and then a more casual pair. The Sanuk Poncho Viva flip flops for women will provide fun in the sun. This shoe comes with a striped poncho textile yoga mat footbed and arch cookie. The Happy U runner outsole provides durability for your whole vacation. Guys, enjoy the fresh and stylish features of the slim fitting Sanuk Yogi 4 flip flops. The yoga mat footbed helps keep your feet fit and healthy, while the U sponge outsole keeps this shoe lightweight and made for walking on smooth surfaces. You can wear these shoes with a pair of swim trunks or a pair of shorts and a polo!


Traveling is a great opportunity, but take only what you truly need, especially when it comes to packing footwear options. Also, remember to BREAK IN YOUR SHOES! Purchase your shoes a month or two before your trip so you avoid blisters and can see if they are compatible for hikes, walking around town, and hanging out near the water. Lastly, it’s okay to spend a little extra money and invest in quality footwear when you’re trying to decide on the best shoes for travel. 

Safe travels everyone!

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