Meet the Interns

Meet the interns.png

Have you ever wondered who the faces are behind the screen you interact with? Wonder no more! We’re a hard-working, creative and tech savvy team dedicated to creating and posting content/images appealing to you. We thought it would be fun to introduce ourselves, so we present to you the Rogan’s Shoes interns:

Morgan- I currently am a senior finishing up my undergraduate degree in Communication Studies. After graduation I am seeking full time employment within the Marketing field and am excited for tasks and challenges to be thrown my way. I love working for Rogan’s Shoes because it is a family owned business. The company culture of Rogan’s Shoes truly cares for their customers and does a great job of making them feel like valued individuals. As one of the social media marketing interns my favorite part of my job is working as a team with the other interns to generate brand awareness for such as close knit company.

Claire- As much as I love college, I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life as I plan to graduate in December...although the learning never really stops! I am majoring in Interactive Web Management and have a minor in Journalism. When I’m not posting on social media you can find me looking for the next adventure, binge watching Netflix or obsessing over my dog (Nala). Being a social media marketing intern allows me to take initiative and think of original and exciting content to increase people’s interest in Rogan’s Shoes. My favorite part of coming to work is the fun and relaxing atmosphere and I get to collaborate on different ideas with my coworkers. Oh, and the SHOES!

Alex- Creativity is a characteristic that I have always cherished. Today, there is a common misconception that there is no such thing as an original idea. I beg to differ. Without creativity there wouldn’t be any originality, progress, or fun in the world. The end goal of my educational efforts is to become a successful, comedy-inspired creative director at an ad agency.

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