20 Things to do This Spring

Spring is all about saying yes to spontaneous adventures. See our family-friendly list of things to do this season below:

1.  Spring clean your house, outdoor space and get rid of those old shoes!

2. After you clean, have a garage sale and make some extra cash or browse around at other people’s.

3. Host an arts and crafts day for adults and kids.

4. Attend a local concert or outdoor festival.

5. Create sidewalk art with chalk and then jump around in the puddles when it gets washed away.

6. Explore a new park or hiking trail.

7. Get the family together and go for a bike ride and have a picnic.

8.  Visit a museum or aquarium.

9. Plan and set up a scavenger hunt/ Easter egg hunt.

10. Head to the zoo, a local farm or find insects in your backyard.

11. Challenge yourself and the kids to one day with no technology.

12. Volunteer in your community and bring the kids.

13.  Wait for the perfect windy day and fly a kite.

14. Go on a nature walk and blow bubbles along the way.

15. Exercise at least three times a week or try a new activity like yoga or a cycling class.

16. Spend a day gardening and planting flowers.

17. Build a bird feeder.

18. Mini golf on a sunny day and go bowling on those rainy days.

19. Have a weekly family game night and make a special food each time (root beer floats, ice cream sundaes, s’mores, homemade pizza)

20. Take a photo of each activity and make a scrapbook as 2017 will be the spring to remember!

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