How to Stay Cool This Summer

Summer is a great time for cookouts, pool parties, hikes, and trips to the beach. But let’s face it, summer can be HOT. And even though we’ll be missing the heat 6 months from now, being too hot is just plain annoying.

Dress for the weather
This one might seem obvious but it’s also the most important. Even though it might not seem very hot out when you’re getting dressed at 8am, the day will heat up and you’ll start to regret leaving the sandals at home. Want to know how to do it right? Keep reading!
Make sure the fabric you’re wearing is comfortable andNK_612198_063Z breathable. Cotton shirts like the Air Jordan 23/7 T-Shirt are great for helping you stay cool and stylish all summer long. Pair your favorite tee with some breathable shorts and you’ll be ready to have fun in the sun.
Before you head out the door make sure you’re wearing the right shoes. Your feet have lots of pressure points that make them more sensitive to harsh temperatures. But don’t worry! Rogan’s Shoes has lots of options for the whole family!
CV_551625F_WHT1The Converse All Star Perforated Shoes are perfect for helping you stay cool on hot days while still showing off your cool street style. The perforated upper will let you feel the breeze while you strut down the street. Wear them with your favorite skater dress or high-waisted skirt for cool and breezy style.

HH_H46223_BRN1Not all sandals are made the same and for a guy that’s looking for more style and class in his warm weather look, the Born Plato Flip Flops are the way to go. The flip flop design is guaranteed to help you stay cool while the handsome leather adds class you can’t get from just any sandal. Wear them with your favorite shorts and you’ll be ready to soak up the sun’s rays.

AD_B27894_XPK1Summer might be your kid’s favorite time of the year but they don’t want to spend it sweating either! The Adidas Adilette Sandals are perfect for kids that want to spend their summer playing outside and doesn’t have time to mess with AD_B27894_XYL1hooks and straps. Have your little one slip them on before running out the door for the barefoot comfort they love and  the added protection you want.

More tips on getting out of the heat
Go shopping
If you don’t have air conditioning in your house or are looking to cut costs, take a walk down to your nearest air conditioned store and go window shopping. This is great for days where you have nothing to do but don’t want to stay inside a broiling hot house. (P.S. All Rogan’s Shoes stores have air conditioning).
Go swimming

Of course the most popular way to chill out is to dive into the water and go swimming! We’re lucky enough to be based out of Wisconsin where we have plenty of lakes and rivers to splash around in all summer long. If you don’t live near a lake, grab a garden hose and make your own backyard water park!

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