New Arrival! BareTraps Salie Women’s Ankle Boots

Happy November! It’s getting darker earlier and starting to feel colder every morning. If you’re not cozied up in warm fall fashion yet, now’s the time! Us shoe lovers at Rogan’s Shoes love staying on top of the latest trends in footwear and when something as cute as the BareTraps Salie comes out, it’s big news. Of course, looks aren’t everything and the Salie has a lot more to offer. Keep reading to see what else we love about the new BareTraps Salie.


Starting from the top, we absolutely adore the cute ankle knot with the metal grommet. It adds subtle yet unique flare to the boot that looks great with everything from jeans to tights. Another big style and savings favorite for us is the faux leather material with ruching on the BareTraps Salie 019upper. Not only do you get a touch of elegant style, you also get the trendy look of leather, without the high price-tag. Style with functionality and added savings? Yes please!


Who wants to walk around with sore feet? Not us! That’s why we love the ultra soft shearing lining and plush foam insoles. We love the cozy and luxurious feeling of the soft lining almost more than our favorite fuzzy winter socks (don’t tell the socks). The super comfortable foam insoles provide the perfect amount of cushioning with exceptional support from sunrise to sunset.

Special Features        
BareTraps Salie 003
Who doesn’t want to stand a bit taller? No one we know! The BareTraps Salie have a hidden 1.25” heel that gives you a slight boost while still keeping you comfortable. The smooth outside of the boot keeps the wedge out of sight and secret.

If you feel like you’re always rushing to get ready for the day, you’ll love the fast and easy side zippers. After spending the summer messing around with shoe laces, we’re loving the no-fuss design of the BareTraps Salie.

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