The Converse Trick You Never Knew

Our beloved Chuck Taylor's have been keeping a huge secret from us; and I are here to expose them. Have you ever wondered what those two, out of place holes were for on the inside panel of the shoes? Apparently, they have a real purpose.

Converse did not put them there as a decorative touch or a means to improve air flow to our feet. The two holes give users the option to lace up using the bar method. The bar method of lacing makes the shoe fit tighter around the foot. It is a simple 5 step process to customize the fit of the shoe even more than regular lacing does.

The bar lacing method improves support, due to the increased stability, thanks to the tighter fit. It
can also prevent the risk of injury by keeping feet from sliding around in the shoe.

Try out the 5 step process below to lace up your own pair of Converse using the bar method!

1. Unlace first two sets of holes at the very top of the shoe

Step 1

2. Pull the outside lace, across the tongue, into the first of the two side holes

Step 2

Step 2 Part 2

3. Pull that same lace back into the second side hole

Step 3

4. Take the same lace and pull into across, on the inside of the shoe, into the top hole

Step 4

Step 4 Part 2

5. Re-lace the shoe like normal, but lace pulled through the side holes will not cross like usual leaving the very top hole empty 

Finished Product

Finished Product

Adjust the laces as needed by loosening and pulling them to get the perfect fit. In the end, your Converse should fit tighter now! 

Did this work for you? Do you like the tighter fit? Tell us your thoughts and comment below or share it with your friends!

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