JUST RELEASED: ASICS 25th Anniversary Shoe

Asics Kayano 25

The Kayano 25 has been released to celebrate ASICS' 25th anniversary. Many of you have been ASICS' lovers for years or possibly even owners of the previous editions of the Kayano. They have made evolutionary advancements in their technology and techniques to improve the Kayano to better suit your running needs. What a way to celebrate.

All 12 features of the shoe combine to create a more stable and supportive running shoe to protect you as a runner. More specifically, runner's who suffer over pronation. Meaning when you naturally walk, your foot lands on the outside heel then excessively rolls inward to distribute the force of impact upon landing. Instead of transferring your weight to the ball of your foot, you transfer weight to the inner edge of your foot. Over pronation is common with runner who have low arches. The Kayano 25 is made to help overcome this process and provide a more comfortable ride.

The Shoe Break Down

Shoe Breakdown: ASICS Gel Kayano 25

Shoe Breakdown: ASICS Gel Kayano 25

Shoe Breakdown: ASICS Gel Kayano 25
The Stats
Men's Kayano 25:
  • Sizes range from 7 to 15, including half sizes 7.5-11.5
  • Wide width avalible
  • Weight: 11.85 oz
  • Heel Height: 22 mm
  • Fore Foot Height: 12 mm
Women's Kayano 25:
  • Sizes range from 6 to 12, including half sizes 6.5-11.5
  • Weight: 9.81 oz
  • Heel Height: 24 mm
  • Forefoot Height: 11 mm
Shop ASICS Kayano 25 and previous editions in store or online at Rogan's Shoes. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. 

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