6 Safety Icons Found on Work Boots

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We will be the first to admit it. Work shoes are confusing. The boxes are littered with symbols and stickers that are suppose to be a quick reference for the shoes features. However, these icons are no help when you don't know what they mean. This short guide will help you decode safety feature icons so you can more efficiently find the right boot for your work needs. Under each icon are example's of men's and women's work boots for your reference.


Non Metalic Work Shoes Icon
1.)  This symbol indicates boots with a non-metallic upper. The eyelets on the boot can be non-existent, hidden, or made from plastic or nylon. This makes them security friendly and reduces the risk of scratching work surfaces.

Rockport Works More Energy Men's Composite Toe Work Boots
Nautilus Slip Resistant Blk Women's AthComposite Toe Work Shoes
Security Friendly Icon

2.)  The airplane symbol means the boot is security friendly, meaning it will not set off security-screening devices. These boots have a composite toe and non-metallic eyelets.

Reebok Work Trainex Men's Composite Toe Work Boots
Reebok Work Ketia Women's Composite Toe Work Shoes
Insulated Icon
3.)  This icon signifies boots that have an insulated liner to keep feet warm. Each boot has a gram rating and the higher the gram rating, the more warmth the liner will provide.

Rocky Blizzard Stalker Men's Steel Toe Hunting Boots
Skechers Work 77205 Women's Composite Toe Work Boots
Waterproof icon
4.)  Boots with this icon are completely waterproof. The membranes in the boot will keep feet dry in wet conditions.

Timberland PRO Boondock 8in H20 Men's Composite Toe Work Boots
Avenger Work Boots 7125 Women's Steel Toe Work Boots
Lug Toe Icon
5.)  This symbol indicates boot with a luge sole. A luge sole pattern provides excellent traction for muddy, grass, and even snowy conditions.

Carolina 1821 Men's Steel Toe Work Boots
Merrell Work Fullbench Women's Composite Toe Work Boots
Broad Toe Icon

6.)  A broad toe boot has a protective and larger toe cap. This provides toes with extra room to move about freely. 

Carolina CA8528 Men's Composite Toe Work Boots
Carolina CA1625 Women's Steel Toe Work Shoes

We hope this short guide helps make your shopping experience easier when it comes to purchasing a new pair of safety boots or shoes. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help. For more information about safety shoes visit our website at Rogan's Shoes. 

To learn how to properly fit work boots, visit our fit guide. Or click to learn about ASTM Safety Icons!


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